Test 20180919: Lowering Normal Heart Pulse Rate

Finding Out What Lowering My Normal Heart Pulse Rate

Due Date / Duration
September 19 to …, 2018 / …

1 week ago my normal heart pulse rate get to 72 / minutes, I’ve measured it several times, right and left arm, feeling good and full of energy. I’m curious what is causing it?

  1. Intermittent fasting? I’ve been doing it for several months and never felt that good.
  2. Orange Peel intake? I’ve been doing it for several weeks and never felt significant changes
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) experiments recently – to be exact a couple days before the heart rate decrease event?
    1. I did sprayed & washed with 3% HP for a couple of days, the dishes, walls, kitchen utensils, bathroom tiles.
    2. Mouthwash using 3% HP: combined with 15 minutes of oil pulling (mouth swishing) with Virgin Coconut Oil  and rinse with salt water.
    3. Spray 3% HP into mouth when inhaling.

Though before the event, after taking HP, I experience the following

  1. slight fever after taking 3% HP, which some said was the HP oxidising toxins, the fever were light but noticeable and gone within a day.
  2. coughing slime, under 1200x microscope show a lot of air bubbles and some strands
  3. slime from the nose with a little blood after waking up
  4. brief pain on left foot finger, just a couple of seconds
  5. one of the most brownish urine
  6. urine smell like coffee – while not drinking them (my urine smells like coffee when I’m drinking which was normal for me, but not drinking them and smell them … hmm)
  7. urine PH of around 7 – using PH strip

But then today I try to measure my heart rate, it was back at 81-82/minute – my previous normal. I thought that 70-72 is my new normal, but I’m mistaken, some of the things that happen before I’m measuring back

  1. Taken coffee – I had been not taking coffee for a week before starting HP and until the heart rate decline, but after that I take coffee + VCO in the morning and I didn’t feel well in the evening – jitter.
  2. back pain due to some back exercise
  3. and then due to back pain, I stop the mouth spray and mouthwash of HP – worried about too high PH that can cause muscle cramps – though not measuring my urine pH
  4. But just this morning after my back recovered (2 days recovery), I started mouthwash and mouth spray again and now as I writing this, my hear rate is 81-82
  5. 19 Nov 18:
    1. Last week I felt slight fever and felt inflammation in mouth and pressure in head,
    2. Several potential cause: fever after drinking HP in water, eating too many bread in morning and late night, too base
    3. After reviewing back this test, I plan to continue the test with HP
    4. I also frequently take beef liver, and haven’t taken orange peels for 1 months (possible non inflammation reliving intake)

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 3
I believe that Hydrogen Peroxide therapy increase blood circulation, lower heart pulse and provide better energy level

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 1 
To verify, I will

  1. Test without HP
  2. HP 3% for mouthwash
  3. HP 3% for spray
  4. HP 3% in a 600 ml water for drinking


  1. test will only use one type of HP Therapy
  2. between test will be given break period of 2 days,
  3. therapy done early in the morning before taking any food and doing intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast with taking in VCO 2 tbsp

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 1
And measure

  1. Blood Pressure Sys/Dia
  2. Heart Pulse
  3. General Health: Bad 1 – 5 Good
  4. Energy Level: Bad 1 – 5 Good
  5. Pressure in Head: Bad 1 – 5 Good/none (subjective, when something not good I felt pressure in head)

Step 4 – Criteria

I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Heart Pulse 70-73
  2. Energy Level > 3
  3. Pressure in Head Gone

Step 5 – Observation – Reliability: 1

I observed

109 66 82-86

Factor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
HP – Mouthwash  0
HP – Spray  0
HP – Drink  0
BP – Sys   109
BP – Dia  66
Heart Pulse  82-86
General Health  3
Energy Level  4
Pressure in Head  3
 Date 19/11/18


  1. Day 1:

Step 6 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1

From that I learned that



Step 7 – Decision and Actions

Therefore, I will


Week 47:


  1. Business
    1. 500 million Cashflow per month from 3 business units
      1. Property – Realty Agent: 200
      2. Property – Rental Domestic: 50
      3. Property – Financing: 100
    2. Build solid team and routines
      1. Sales
      2. Operation
      3. Development
  2. Personal
    1. Weight: 70
    2. Heart Beat: 70


  1. Property
    1. Investor
      1. Meeting for prospect: not interested
      2. Potential Crowdfunding PA
    2. Realtor
      1. Run ads test in FB and Adwords, completed 5 test
      2. 6 inbound prospects (HS, PD1, PD2, WEB1, WEB2, WEB3)
      3. publish 256 listing
      4. connect with 2 local realtor (WR, AP)
    3. Rental
      1. permit acquired
      2. finish designing layout for rental
      3. survey for bunk bed layout
      4. create 5 variation of bed bunk construction
      5. idea for airport & truck mobile bunk bed rental
    4. Commercial
      1. report to partner
    5. Financing
      1. approval from maybank and first phase disbursement
      2. approval from comm bank
  2. IT
    1. meeting for SDP project handover
    2. set schedule for Putusan’s meeting

Lesson Learned

  1. Property
    1. Investor
      1. Formal credential and planning to gain impression, especially big money
    2. Realtor
      1. Rumah wider audience than Ruko
      2. Location + Interest have higher CTR
      3. Challenge in explaining auction properties, seemed it require tutorial
    3. Rental
      1. Capsule hotel / hostel business model
    4. Financing
      1. Banks only deal with multifinance company
      2. We can approach this as business to be financed by banks or other multifinance
      3. Comm Bank: Asset + 6 months money lock up


  1. Finished the web application for Real estate
  2. Meet only 1 out of 3 targeted


  1. Property
    1. Realtor
      1. Define top 3 sales copy to be used everywhere
      2. Web Setup
      3. Routine for Marketing: web > fb > insta > adwords, including if sold
      4. Setup 3 ads campaign
      5. Get 30 inbound prospect
    2. Rental
      1. Start renovate C9
      2. Purchase the Digital Lock
      3. Get the business model for capsule hotel
      4. Alternative for cooler: crystal, multisplit
    3. Commercial
      1. Find permit person
    4. Financing
      1. Signing and payment
  2. IT
    1. Handover
    2. Conversion started

Bigger Pocket: Financing

Brandon and David

  1. Partnership
  2. Hard cash: 12% / year and 3k fee
  3. House Hack: live inside the property and lease (for beginner or first time investment). New idea is office space, lease unused floor (multi storied building)
  4. BRR Hack: Buy Rehab Rent and live in – without refinance and repeat (for beginner)

BRRRR – Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat

The toolkit paradigm for finding deals, rental scheme, financing, exit, by combining the toolkit from

Building reputation for ease of financing

The refinancing part require some thoughts, cause the different rental ROI and mortage in here

  1. Rental under 3% – lower income
  2. Mortage max for 10 years and interest rate of 10% – higher mortage
  3. The solution is to switch the
    1. rental scheme: split unit, monthly, hourly, managed / serviced, commercial grade
    1. Mortgage: find secondary lending with higher interest but longer period, higher down payment
    1. The rule of thumb: Rental > Cost + Installment, simple but really require thinking at increasing rental and lowering installment + cost.

:Focus what separated professionals from amateurs

I saw this quote in Quora

Alexander was able to adjust his entire army’s strength to focus on exactly what they needed to do, what he had taught them, not waste their energies. That :focus’ was what separated professionals from amateurs, soldiers from warriors.

I think about that statement and find that in my own experiences, when I build simple websites to complex applications, my thoughts at those time were “I can do this by myself for a couple of days which others seems doing it for weeks to months & I always have in the back of my mind what are the key success factor that I need to focus on and put everything else back as they’re supposed to be.”

This approach worked quite well, and have brought me up to my current condition. The same statement that pop up in my mind at that time about others were they’re amateurs. Though now, I can see what they’re talking about, how a project would require so many people and so many time due to the processes and ensuring all features get done, while before I can easily eliminate, replace or provide standard features for non key features because the projects didn’t require strict compliances for all the features, they focus only on key features.

But the mind set changing from :focus to process oriented does take a negative effect on me, it made me think sluggishly, just like the massive army against Alexander’s outnumbered army. In the big number/process oriented mind set, I felt it is hard to accomplish small simple task, cause there are several steps in doing it and require communication and coordination – before, I can just do it and get it over with, which brought me down mentally when I’m thinking about doing new ventures – I don’t even can see through the fog and yet I have to map out the teritorry for others so they can walk through it. Doubts, fear and feeling of incompetence toward self and team rise up. Though this mind set is useful for ongoing project that already have established objectives and how to do it, just add people to the process and refine it incrementally but it’s really bad in new ventures especially without pattern to follow or we trying to make out new pattern against the existing ones.

Focus, how Alexander saw it, is observing the opponent and condition, finding the weak spot that can be taken and then can have further momentum to crush other part of the opponent. Can the weak spot identified before hand? Sure, most of the time. Will it change in midst of war? Highly likely. So having a continuous focus that ever changing based on the latest status are the most advantageous strategy not the fixed and outnumbered strategy and they’re even better against opponent with the large, process oriented mind set which lack agility.

Though focus enable to identify, select, decide and act flexibily within short time, it also require efficient and effective execution for it to be successful, if they’re slower or at the same speed of the opponent and lack adequate power, though the focus are narrower, the opponent can easily match that, there need to be speed and power that can decisively subdue the weak spot or rather identifying which weak spot that has strategic advantage for further actions, with underwhelming condition against our speed and power (easily overcomed).

A thought also come in while writing this down, a spine cannot stand erect perfect and stable in some part of the muscles that supported it is weak, ex: lower back muscle, though upper and middle back muscle are firm and trainable, if the lower back muscle is weak and untrained then the spine will have set back. Though it can still stand erect but it won’t be stable in long term.

This issue is about identifying which weak part exist in our self and create prevention plan and repair plan for it (the fear setting routine from Tim Ferris), whether strengthening them are necessary now or they’re to be solved later, can the current strength overcame the weaknesses enough so they won’t be a hindrance or these are the main problems that keeping us from reaching the objective all along, solving them are necessary to achive the objective.

Dysfunctional Thoughts: 20180829 – On stopping midway in Online Learning


When I watch online tutorial, I can’t follow till the end, either stopping midway or finding other distraction, the course that should only take 2 hours (speed up mode) can then take a whole day and sometimes not finished within one day. Some thoughts or factors that might cause the symptoms

  1. I didn’t get it /
    1. well, this is hard /
    2. I don’t get the big picture /
    3. I don’t get the why –
    4. I want to know the why not the how to make sure I can use it properly or modify it at my leisure
    5. I can’t stop and ask midway things that I didn’t understand
  2. Too much distraction available
    1. Playing video too fast
    2. Without following type as you watch
    3. This is boring and I need a moment of distraction
  3. I don’t eat enough – non keton condition – low energy / concentration
  4. It’s a video, so there are no Real people holding me accountable
  5. No process for following a course
    1. Watch only is not enough
    2. Not all material are relevant: some already understood, some are shallow
    3. When not understanding the topic: what to do, to ask to clarify, switch, notes

Pre – Emotion 

  1. Pride: 70% – Yeay, I understand this part lets celebrate that first
  2. Bored: 80% – I don’t get it, it should be faster, are there any better course/material

Automatic Thoughts

  1. Yeay, I understand this part lets celebrate that first – Maximization
  2. I don’t get it – all or nothing
  3. it should be faster – overgeneralization
  4. there any better course/material – ? not focus and clear criteria

Rational Thoughts

  1. Learning require intense focus and mastery do require time and focus, a little step is just little step that need next step to be meaningful
  2. Faster is not the objective, mastery and objective is
  3. I need process to manage the bored feeling
    1. skimming is good but video ?

Post – Emotion 

  1. Pride: 10% – it’s vain and require clear objective and progressive progress
  2. Bored: 20% – make sure there will be process for handling this

Conclusion & Cope

  1. Pride is just minor factor
  2. The main factor is bored which caused by feeling of excess capacity and trying to find other things to spend of the excess, therefore there need to be process / method to fill when learning

Online Video Learning Process: inconclusive

  1. Objective
  2. Prepare
  3. Review
    1. Mindmap
  4. In-Session – This is important
    1. Mind Map
  5. Short Review
  6. Conclusion and to do

Dysfunctional Thoughts – 20180828 – On Feeling Stuck in Facing Overwhelming Work


I have just finished some important part of the main projects:

  1. Solving mobile apps architecture
  2. Learn new programming language techniques and tools
  3. Write up coding from existing application
  4. Review another project closing notes

Right now, I’m feeling stuck, probably because of yesterday realization when I review the project closing notes, it somehow register as defeat and we got nothing better ahead or things that are ahead require much heavy lifting to pull through also this is one of the time I can perceive how lack of direction/vision that my communication is (after quite sometime not communicating directly to the team). I felt that the team need a vision/direction for the company while I’m not giving it, or my direction is lackluster and doesn’t ignite any spark within them.

Pre – Emotion 

  1. Failure/worthless: 70%
  2. Overwhelmed: 40%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. I don’t have a great vision: personalization, labeling, jump to conclusion
  2. Things are hard to pull through: catastrophe,
  3. I can’t do it
  4. I can’t figure all the things out
  5. I am by myself and should keep it by myself
  6. No one to help me – at least at my level
  7. So what does it even mean, if I reach the goals then so what of about it
  8. Recognition?
  9. Recognition of my work, values, effort, results, … self from friends, enemies, … others (THIS) –
    1. I felt knot relieved when I acknowledge this,
    1. especially Recognition from enemies that had failed, attack or inhibit me,
    1. the drive to prove them wrong, not revenge,
    1. but to exert I’m better than you, enemies!
    1. PERSONALIZATION – it’s about me against them and it weights a lot against other factors, it’s the sinking factor that brought every others factors came down

Rational Thoughts

  1. Personalization of bad things happen to me and to get back –
    1. You don’t have to Recover by the way of how You lose it
    1. Life goes on, those that with you or against you whether they are deliberate or notnot
    1. focus on the one with you and especially the ones that made deliberate decision
    1. retrospectively least to no focus on those that against you and doing it deliberately
  2. I don’t have to succeed
    1. But I can spend my time and resources in trying them
    1. Learning along the way
    1. Work with others, try to put trust on others for my key resource deliberately, try to open up one step at a time

Post – Emotion

  1. Failure/worthless: 0%
  2. Overwhelmed: 10%

Conclusion / Cope

  1. Identified triggers of enemies and try to get things back to them is a huge sinking factor
  2. To cope: identify, stop and bless them – the high road – it’s better for you and them
  3. The other factor are just following factors from the sinking factors

Property – Thinking about it as investment

The property value

  1. Price $100k
  2. Renovation cost $30k
  3. Price post renovation $190 (Around 40%)
  • The financing
    1. Money spent – $60k
    1. Down payment $30k
    2. Renovation $30k
      Loan $70k
      Potential benefit from selling
    1. 1st year:
      1. Selling: $190k
      1. Cost
        1. Other financing cost and closing cost: $10k
        1. Loan: $70k
        1. Installment: $12k (9%/year)
      1. Profit: $190k – ($10k + $65k + $12k) – $60k = $44k
        1. Money Spent: $60k + $12 = $72k
        1. Profitability = 44 / 72 = 61%
    2. 2nd year:
      1. Selling: $200k
      1. Cost
        1. Closing cost: $10k
        1. Loan: $70k
        1. Installment: $24k
      1. Profit : $200 – (10 + 60 + 24) – 60 = $46
        1. Money Spent: $60k + $24 = $84k
        1. Profitability = 46 / 84 = 54%
  • Last conclusion after working more detailed on the spreadsheet in google sheet, the calculation
    1. Financing: own money, bank mortage, private lenders (for financing the down payment and renovation)
    1. Income: sell, rental and rental – dorms
    1. Expense: installments to bank and private lenders
    1. Considerations:
    1. private lenders % for installments and profit sharing, how attractive should it be
    1. Ownership of property between me, bank and private lender
    1. Which one is better: pay full amount, finance with bank, finance with private lenders or finance with private lender and banks.
  • Conclusion
    1. Providing 20% interest for private investors are not feasible, while providing 10% are not attractive especially if without asset.
    1. The ownership of the property might became problem because the financing require personal and bank mortage.
    1. For best case regarding getting a lot of profit in the shortest amount of time is to buy, renovate to increase value and sell underprice asap with private financing of profit sharing or bank mortage with free early repayment. This can generate around 30 to 60% in the first year and keep on declining for additional years (% per annum)
    1. For combining between rental – dorm and selling so that to create layered risk, sell asap and collect rent while waiting, the financing will be preferable with bank mortage, low interest rate and 10+ years of payment plans are hard to find for private lenders.
  • Additional Notes:

    Based on the Bigger Content video about analyzing real estate opportunity, ‘the 4 box’ of income, expense, cashflow and Return of Cash on Cash (Cashflow / Cash invested), let’s reanalyze the condition above

    1. Income: $4k
    2. Expense:
      1. Regulars: $400
      1. Property management: $100
      1. Tax: $10
      1. Insurance: 0
      1. Mortgage: $2k
      1. Vacant: $800
      1. Repair $100
      1. Total: $3410
    3. Cashflow: $590

    1. $6k / $60k = 10%

    Getting Things Out of My Mind

    There are some lingering thoughts in my mind that I consciously and sub consiciouly taking my time, and I suspected some of them take a significant amount of time while not that important or worthwhile. So to clarify, I’ll dump them all here and see what they are and identify, eliminate, stop, prioritized accordingly. So here goes

    1. About dry fasting and the subsidiary
      1. The peels
      2. The salad
      3. The dry fasting
      4. Intermittent fasting
      5. Should I try dry fasting
      6. Is it dangerous, how can I avoid the mentioned pitfalls
      7. Are the advices legit?
      8. Should I just buy the peels, spices package? Can they get sent to here? Will they pass the customs?
      9. Are the peels and spices formula safe? Putting all of those ingredients though each of them is supported by research paper, but mixing them all into one, medicine + medicine can produce poison
    2. The business
      1. What should I do with the cosmetic online store?
    3. The current IT project
      1. The module for time calculation is still hogging my mind
      2. The reporting modules and dashboard and data input enforcement still not completed
      3. The slow performance of the production environment
      4. The contract still not signed
      5. The support responses, resolution and communications
    4. Next project
      1. How is the last presentation performance?
      2. Need time to make proposal for Integration project
      3. Need time to make proposal for Mobile application development
      4. Need time to review the RFP
      5. Need more web developers

    So there you have it, the items that are lingering in my thoughs, by intuition I’ll try to identify which items that takes the most out of my time

    1. Current IT Project – Support responses
    2. Dry Fasting
    3. Current IT Projecct – module for time

    Based on priority and impact it should be

    1. Current IT Project –
      1. Resolve standard and escalation
      2. Appoint Support Leader and Job Description: Daily Review of reported issues, status, resolve/escalation, FAQ
      3. Production performance
      4. Recruitment
    2. Next Project
      1. Proposal routine refinement and templates
    3. Online store
      1. Next marketing test

    The most important one is

    1. Time allocation
      1. Plan it or lose it
    2. Plan and Prioritze action list on each topic
      1. Routine for plan and prioritize for each topic
    3. Optimal working mode:
      1. mental: I’m here to make out something good and learn along the way, no right answer or wrong answer
      2. physical: stamina and strength
      3. environment: working tools, seat and computer
      4. communication: written in PM / wiki, response standard

    Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2017 06 02 Not Relaxing in Vacation


    I’m taking vacation and can’t get myself to relax, It felt something must be done, I need to do something, I got to be useful, Like I have to watch my back and make sure everything run well and efficient. While it not supposed to be like that

    Emotion – Pre

    1. Anxious: 80%

    Automatic Thoughts

    1. I need to be always alert, just in case – overgeneralization
    2. It will ruin my work if something happen – magnification
    3. I am not reliable – personalization
    4. I am not useful – overgeneralization and personalization
    5. I don’t have value – all or nothing
    6. I’ll be look down upon – personalization
    7. I’m not better than anyone else ?

    Rational Thoughts

    1. I’m not better than anyone else – I have strengths and weaknesses
    2. What I will do are
      1. Just making a living
      2. Helping others
      3. There is a limit of what I can do
      4. But there are also so many possibilities that can be made in a life time

    Emotion – Post

    1. Anxious: 50%


    1. When taking a holiday I need to put in place a protocol to make sure things run smoothly
      1. Emergency protocol exist but keep it to one channel only / one person
      2. The rests are delegated
    2. I am not the begin all and end all of my business,
      1. I am limited but with my team we can achieve great things together
      2. It is just a work, though I took pride in giving excellent service but it’s not the defining factor of my self worth
      3. My capacity though currently dominated by the current project, can be used for other purposes, it didn’t need to drain me out of other opportunities