Getting Things Out of My Mind

There are some lingering thoughts in my mind that I consciously and sub consiciouly taking my time, and I suspected some of them take a significant amount of time while not that important or worthwhile. So to clarify, I’ll dump them all here and see what they are and identify, eliminate, stop, prioritized accordingly. So here goes

  1. About dry fasting and the subsidiary
    1. The peels
    2. The salad
    3. The dry fasting
    4. Intermittent fasting
    5. Should I try dry fasting
    6. Is it dangerous, how can I avoid the mentioned pitfalls
    7. Are the advices legit?
    8. Should I just buy the peels, spices package? Can they get sent to here? Will they pass the customs?
    9. Are the peels and spices formula safe? Putting all of those ingredients though each of them is supported by research paper, but mixing them all into one, medicine + medicine can produce poison
  2. The business
    1. What should I do with the cosmetic online store?
  3. The current IT project
    1. The module for time calculation is still hogging my mind
    2. The reporting modules and dashboard and data input enforcement still not completed
    3. The slow performance of the production environment
    4. The contract still not signed
    5. The support responses, resolution and communications
  4. Next project
    1. How is the last presentation performance?
    2. Need time to make proposal for Integration project
    3. Need time to make proposal for Mobile application development
    4. Need time to review the RFP
    5. Need more web developers

So there you have it, the items that are lingering in my thoughs, by intuition I’ll try to identify which items that takes the most out of my time

  1. Current IT Project – Support responses
  2. Dry Fasting
  3. Current IT Projecct – module for time

Based on priority and impact it should be

  1. Current IT Project –
    1. Resolve standard and escalation
    2. Appoint Support Leader and Job Description: Daily Review of reported issues, status, resolve/escalation, FAQ
    3. Production performance
    4. Recruitment
  2. Next Project
    1. Proposal routine refinement and templates
  3. Online store
    1. Next marketing test

The most important one is

  1. Time allocation
    1. Plan it or lose it
  2. Plan and Prioritze action list on each topic
    1. Routine for plan and prioritize for each topic
  3. Optimal working mode:
    1. mental: I’m here to make out something good and learn along the way, no right answer or wrong answer
    2. physical: stamina and strength
    3. environment: working tools, seat and computer
    4. communication: written in PM / wiki, response standard

Dysfunctional Thoughts: 20180402 – On Conflict with Client


  1. I’m in a conflict with client and I’m to withdraw our service until our demand is met.
  2. It’s excruciating, I feel a knot in my stomach, waiting for responses and not being the easy pushover as before
  3. I am confused between just meet their demand like before or just stand ground till consensus reached

Emotion – Pre

  1. Anxious – 100%
  2. Feeling of uncertainty – 90%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. What happen if everybody get angry at me? Mind Reading, Personalization,
    1. They’ll lash out on me: Personalize
    2. They’ll demand us to work: Mind Reading
    3. I get vilified by client and donor: Magnifying
    4. They will think I’am incompetent: Personalization
    5. I’ll loose their respect: Magnifying, Personalization
    6. I am not good enough: Personalization
    7. I don’t have any use or any value: Over generalization
  2. They’ll cut off our work and payment: This is rational
    1. Not enough money for payroll and expenses

Rational Thoughts

  1. Angry
    1. They already did and express it with so many behavior toward us
    2. Me and team are already vilified by the client, but hopefully not so with the donor, I think they understand our situation but also powerless or don’t have any idea on how to restore things up.
    3. They respect me, they actually kinda afraid / reluctant in treating me bad personally
  2. Cut off
    1. They already did by delaying progress report
    2. And they think the progress report is their leverage

Emotion – Post

  1. Anxious – 100%
  2. Feeling of uncertainty – 90%


  1. Act professionally and don’t put myself in the line, it’s just business
  2. We have what they want, start negotiating
  3. Withdrawing service from client and donor is an option
  4. Limit the risk related to payment, demand clearance or guarantee from donor but do it tactfully.

Test: 20180310 – Increase Energy Level and Mind Clarity by Autophagy through Intermittent Fasting

Increase Energy Level and Mind Clarity by Autophagy through Intermittent Fasting

Due Date / Duration
Mar 10 to Mar 20, 2018 / 1 week

Reach autophagy to increase energy level, mind clarity and overall better health and without having to be restricted on food intake and just doing intermittent fasting supported by keto / bulletproof coffee.

  1. Intermittent fasting for 18 hours
    1. last food intake is dinner and then start fasting till next lunch
    2. breakfast replaced with bulletproof coffee only (fat don’t break fasting)
    3. no avocado or other juices during breakfast, move them to lunch
  2. Autophagy
    1. Calory deficiency are not enough for autophagy if we eat frequently, it need to pass the glucogenesis metabolism (fasting)
    2. Supported by fasting, keto (Bulletproof) and exercise
    3. Switching the mode in and out are necessary, prolonged autophagy can gave bad effect.
    4. There should be cheat days to balance the body .
    5. Pay attention on water, electrolytes, minerals or other elements deficiency
  3. Eat normally during lunch and dinner
    1. This is the main focus, if I can achieve this it will be the most sustainable solution

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 3
I believe that I can increase Energy Level and Mind Clarity by getting into Autophagy condition with intermittent  fasting of 16:8 or 17:7 ratio (16 hour fasting and 7 hour eating time) from last dinner up to lunch.

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 1 
To verify, I will

  1. Fasting after finishing dinner up to Lunch
    1. Breakfast using Bulletproof Coffee, without dairy nor juices Avocado?
    2. Have light or HIIT exercise
    3. Drink 2 big glass of water in the morning
  2. Eat normally during lunch and dinner
    1. Not limitation on carbs, juice or anything
    2. Eat until full
    3. Dinner at
      1. 19 = 17 hour fasting
      2. 20 = 16 hour fasting

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 1
And measure

  1. Fasting
    1. Last Meal time
    2. Lunch Meal time
    3. Fasting duration
    4. Hunger Level
  2. Intake & Exercise
    1. Breakfast Water intake  (glass)
    2. Breakfast Bulletproof coffee intake (cups)
    3. Exercise Light or HIIT: 0 – none, 1 – light, 2 – HIIT
    4. Lunch
      1. fullness: 1 to 5
      2. Low Carb: 1 to 5 (Low carbs)
    5. Dinner
      1. fullness: 1 to 5
      2. Low Carb: 1 to 5 (Low carbs)
  3. Result
    1. Energy Level 1 to 5
      1. Morning: 6 to 12
      2. Day: 12 to 18
      3. Evening:18 to 00
    2. Mind Clarity: 1 to 5
      1. Morning: 6 to 12
      2. Day: 12 to 18
      3. Evening:18 to 00
    3. Overall Health: feel side effects 1 – 5 prime health

Step 4 – Criteria

I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Fasting completed above 16 hours >= 5 days
  2. Energy Level  >= 4
  3. Mind Clarity >= 4
  4. Overall Health >= 4

Step 5 – Observation – Reliability: 1

I observed

Factor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
F – Last  21  18 20  20  22  22  20
F – Lunch  12  12 12 13  13  13  12
F – Duration  15  18  16 17  11  11  16
F – Hunger  1  1  1  3 3  4  4
I – Water  2  2  2  2  2  2  2
I – BP  2  3  3  0  0  3  0
I – Exer  0  0  0  1  0  0  0
I – L Full  5 4  4   3  3  4  4
I – L Carb  2 2  2 2  2  2  2
I – D Full  5 3  4  4 4  3  4
I – D Carb  2  3  3 2  2  2  2
R – E Mo  3 3 3  2  2  3  3
R – E Day  2 2  3  2  3  3  2
R – E Ev  4  3  4  3  4  3  3
R – M Mo  3  3  3  2  2  3  3
R – M Da  2 2  3  2 3  3  2
R – M Ev  4  3 4  3  4  3  3
R – Health  3  3  2  2  3  3  3


  1. Day 1: Eating Oglio spicy pasta with sweetened cappuccino are not making me sleepy, they boost my night energy, I have experience this twice. Spice is good
  2. Day 3:
    1. I feel slight fever after lunch time
    2. Sleepiness after lunch is also reduced, not like before.
    3. I take garlic tablet at night with a lot of water
  3. Day 4:
    1. still slight fever on daytime, hunger are mild due to not taking bulletproof coffee
    2. In general energy level are lower compared to day 1,2 but still stable enough to do light activity
    3. I also notice the discomfort on upper stomach are subsiding
    4. Skins on feet near toes which usually look very dry became better, skin regenration maybe?
    5. Still taking garlic tablet at night
  4. Day 6
    1. I notice for the past few days, my morning under pressure session are now more mentally than physically
      1. I feel my physical condition is stable and ok, while my mental still trying to resolve things
      2. I also succeed in solving complex problem along the way
      3. Though I still have problem but I don’t feel drag anymore from the body, instead my body is signalling I’m ok and ready to go instead signalling to support lethargic condition
      4. My evening energy level which usually were crappy, is now better, I have more energy and kinda feel wasting my energy for nothing if I did nothing. Opposite of before where I feel I’m spent.
    2. On past few days I also awake several times at night and have hard time to go back to sleep
      1. some research findings: due to hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) or entering ketosis, I had hypoglycaemia before and it felt weakening, instead the current condition is I have energy, which I’m inclined more toward ketosis symptoms.
      2. I can make use of this condition.
  5. Day 7
    1. sleepy on the road after a big lunch with a lot of rice, chicken and beef

Step 6 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1

From that I learned that

Although not meeting the fasting frequency and duration criteria but I feel the effect

  1. Energy levels although not high boost, I felt they are stable and always at the normal spectrum instead of ups & down, which is quite a feat by itself
  2. Overall health is also on the normal spectrum all the day, mild symptoms/weaknesses are subsiding and I feel normally energised.


  1. This intermittent fasting work for me
    1. Better energy level from morning until evening. (Until evening till night! This is Important, I’ve been searching recovery routine that work and this one really work)
    2. Reduced sleepiness after lunch time, even after taking a lot of rice
    3. No weight loss for me, which is what I wanted (62kg)
    4. My limbs felt warm again, instead of feeling cold
    5. I can eat more flexible, eat whatever I want, though high carbs can still induce sleepiness but not severe as before
    6. Having good energy level, the body swing my mental back to normal instead of dragging me down
  2. My transition symptoms
    1. Slight fever during day time, maybe my body is on repair mode
    2. The discomfort in my upper stomach is also subsiding
    3. Having Bulletproof coffee make me hungrier, but non noticeable performance effect: with or without Bulletproof coffee didn’t feel different significantly
    4. Waking up and hard to sleep, this can be energy boost

Step 7 – Decision and Actions

Therefore, I will

  1. Will continue Intermittent Fasting which is flexible enough 16:8 and break days anytime I want.
    1. Increase caloric intake to increase weight by protein shake, beverages, bulletproof coffee
    2. Adding exercise to increase autophagy stressor
  2. Try another variant of Fasting, One Meal A Day (OMAD)
    1. The challenge is to take enough calorie,  at least 1200 to 2500
  3. My next agenda will be for increasing weight, energy level and health by
    1. Increasing autophagy by exercise and increasing fasting duration
    2. Increase caloric intake: bulletproof coffee, beverage and protein shake

Dysfunctional Thoughts: 20180314 – On Feeling Powerless


  1. Feeling powerless when facing current problem especially when relying on others in critical condition that need fast and accurate responses
  2. I feel just want to stop and do nothing, to let it slide

Emotion – Pre

  1. Helpless/powerless: 90%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. They can’t provide fast and accurate responses like me – generalization
  2. My work result will be terrible – generalization
  3. I am seen as a failure for not providing desired solution – personalization
  4. I am not worthy – personalization and generalization

Rational Thoughts

  1. They can sometimes, but they need training and routine
  2. Not always
  3. My worth are not my work

Emotion – Post

  1. Helpless/powerless: 70%


  1. It’s not about me, need to learn to rely on others

Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 02 21 – On Failed Confrontation/Negotiation


The discussion ended wihtout achieving my goal and I felt lethargy like

Emotion – Pre

  1. Helpless – 90%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. I fail in this negotiation – all or nothing
  2. I am not good enough to solve them – generalization, personalization
  3. I am incompetent – magnification
  4. People won’t appreciate me – emotional reasoning
  5. I’ll be useless and without meaning – emotional reasoning

Rational Thoughts

  1. We got some things through so it’s not a total loss, and we win some and lose some in any discussion/confrontation/negotiation.
  2. I hit some and I miss some so celebrate on what hit and learn from what I missed
  3. Some problems are beyond my control so that’s all there is. Whether people appreciate or not appreciate me are beyond my control and I shouldn’t base my life on it
  4. I am useful in some area of life in running the company, day to day operation, building the team and I’m work in progress and I learn. Couldn’t expect more out of me, learn, do and share.

Emotion – Post

  1. Helpless – 10%


  1. I win some and lose some, I can learn more and the condition couldn’t be better

Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 02 08 – On Pressuring Employee


  1. I am reluctant in pressuring my team to do what I want, I currently monitor and tell them if they missed their job, but I feel can’t fully give them accountability for their job and this hinder my effectiveness also.
  2. My way of pressuring them is by questioning them whether they have do that, but it became overwhelming and if I missed them some works not get completed.
  3. Should I be more assertive and clear in assigning responsibility/accountability and demand quality work, instead of micro managing
  4. I don’t want they to feel bad or think me as bad and pushy

Emotion – Pre

  1. Frustrated – 70%
  2. Angry – 60%
  3. Overwhelmed – 70%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. The don’t have a sense of responsibility like I do: mind reading, overgeneralization
  2. They will resign if they are overwhelmed: mind reading

Rational Thoughts

  1. People can take up the challenge if they are given the opportunity and have clear understanding of their responsibility and guideline of how to do it
  2. Not all people resign when given responsibilities, some flourish and some may not and will resign. Resign is an acceptable solution in the case of the later.

Emotion – Post

  1. Frustrated – 20%
  2. Angry – 0%
  3. Overwhelmed – 10%


  1. Create organisation chart and guideline,
  2. Document and communicate to all related parties
  3. Review based on responsibility and result
  4. Need to reprogram habit of micromanaging, by doing routine 5x simulation of Stop Reacting with Micromanaging and switch to
    1. Whose Responsibility is it
    2. Did they know it is their Responsibility: Let them Know and Set Expectation – Communicate to all related parties (operator and manager)
    3. Did they know how to Solve it: Give the guideline and pointer on how to do it to all related parties (operator and manager)
    4. Make sure Responsibility and Guideline are documented.

The 2 Books at early 2018

I read 2 books, profound ones. First is the book about negotiation by Chris Voss and Feeling Good by David Burns, they both help me resolve my pressing and immediate problems. Thank God, for them, I gain a lot in handling communication with others and handling the internal communication within myself, both has been under pressure for quite some time.

They introduce practical, easy to use and the most important part “effective” in showing result not in a hacky short term way, but robust in gaining immediate result and survivable for long term use.

Never Split The Differences:

  1. Start with No
  2. That’s right, NOT You’re right, NOT I understand
  3. Accusation audit: say it yourself instead of by accusers
  4. Calibrated questions: What and how, NEVER Why, How can I do that?
  5. Tactical Emphaty: Label feelings, Mirroring, paraphrasing, show the way
  6. Find the black swan

Feeling Good

  1. Cognitive Dissonance
  2. Thoughts cause Emotion cause Behaviour and then self enforcing
  3. Emotion, find the Automatic thoughts, find Cognitive Dissonance, counter with Rational Thoughts, Cope
  4. Addiction: List all Benefits, Visualize achieving Benefits (Feeling rich ahead of time, is the counter example, you get loose and goes spend thrift, you change)
  5. Identify the Thoughts and Talkback
  6. Action First, Motivation Second
  7. Pleasure and Mastery activity planning and Target VS Actual scoring

The cognitive dissonance

  1. All or Nothing
  2. Personalization
  3. Exageration
  4. Mental Filter: see only the negatives
  5. Discarding Positives
  6. Labeling
  7. Emotional reasoning
  8. Should
  9. Mind reading
  10. Generalization
  11. Change
  12. Fair
  13. Reward
  14. Right
  15. Control


Teething problem is the worst, the new teeth is starting to push for the existing teeth. Swollen gum, discomfort, teeth falling off, toothless until the new teeth take the full form.

It’s just a discomforting experience that everybody should go through.

Battle of Self


  1. Easily overwhelmed by interpersonal / people problem
  2. Require 1-3 days for recovery

Probable cause

  1. Weakness in character
  2. Weakness in handling people
  3. Weakness in high expectation on self / others
  4. Dominance / control need

Available Solution

  1. Principle in handling people: client, employee, inner circle
  2. Deliberate practice of applying the principles
  3. Mental routine exercise of 5 times for each condition
  4. Find, Observe, communicate and analyze role model
  5. Perspective, communication style
  6. Practice
  7. Test and learn


Test #10: Evening/Night Review and Planning for effective day


  1. Time Diary: Observe, Analyze, Adjust and Automate
  2. Tim Ferris’ advice on planning the next day in the evening (not in the morning)

I need to incorporate the Time Diary as my daily routine, I observe in the post and previous journal entries that make me more self aware and reflective for my own behavior and lead to improvement, it doesn’t need to be exact and very detailed, but few important tasks measured and concluded are well worth the time attention and decision for stop, continue or automate.

Obadaa: observe, analyze (Energy: is it working, what increase  energy, what decrease ebgery, right time/cycle), adjust (create rules, routine), automate (manual, eliminate)

Next question: how?

What time? Prefer night rather than morning due to reflecting the day is still fresh and energy for analyzing and concluding is also enormous, I prefer not to spend it on the morning, morning energy should be focused on accomplishing the day goals not on reflecting yesterday and also get some upset due to not so good yesterday. What time exactly? Can it be integrated with my test plan of Creating to do list in the evening/night? Yea it should.

What is the format of the activity? There should be a template and archiving mechanism. Template for time diary (date, activity, time spent, result, feeling) and planning for tomorrow (the productivity journal?, somewhere in my laptop) .

Archiving mechanism: paper or online (wordpress, evernote, Google calendar). The purpose of archiving: can be used for reflecting easily, used for today to do, I find it a hassle for reviewing lot of notes in online, imagine going through one year notes in online look like: 365 post or 12 post (1 post = 1 month), preview on monitor or print and then review. Compared with skimming a journal book of a year worth, but will have to sync the schedule with google calendar. Unlike writing to a book, like a feeling of calligraphy and letting thoughts translated to smooth movement and stay in the thoughts longer than the key stroking mechanism of typing with keyboard. Lets see if i can find the same enjoyment with typing in phone or the keyboard, yes, i can, it s just the feeling of doing something trivial, sequential, rhythmic and closurable.

So the winner is? Within 3 minutes to decide: try online first for a week or so and try to find the suitable routine, sequence, template, and media.

So the first try: online in wordpress post, create time journal category, use phone/laptop, use table template with 1 post = 1 month for the time journal and to do list (from the productivity journal).


Evening/Night Review and Planning for effective day

Due Date / Duration
July 7, 2017  / 1 week

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 3
I believe that Evening/Night Review and Planning is effective in analyzing today activities, create adjustment for future activities, and increase productivity for the next day by reducing the start of day task of need to plan.

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 3
To verify, I will

  1. For 1 week: put the notes in this post (including sleep)
  2. Review today activity from google calendar and memory
  3. Write down the journal (format)
  4. Analyze (Energy: is it working, what increase  energy, what decrease energy, right time/cycle),
  5. Write down Adjust (create rules, routine) & Automate (manual, eliminate) decisions/actions
  6. Determine next to do for tomorrow
  7. Put in google calendar

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 2
And measure

  1. Feeling of fulfilled: low 1 – 5 high
  2. Productivity (more things gets done): low 1 – 5 high
  3. Usefulness of Adjust and Automation decisions / actions
  4. Number of Adjust and Automation decisions / actions

Step 4 – Criteria
I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Feeling of effectiveness >=4
  2. Productivity >= 4
  3. Usefulness of Adjust and Automation decisions/actions >=4


Step 1 – Hypothesis 

I believe that ==Same with above==

Step 2 – Observation – Reliability: 1

I observed

Factor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Feeling Fulfilled  3  3  2  2 2 2 2
Productivity  3  3  1  2 2 2 2
Useful Adjust/Automate  4  3 1
 # of Adjust/Automate  2  2  0

Time Journal

Activity Time Energy Level
(Working, +, -, Feel)
Cycle (Peak/Rest) Adjust & Automate
 Friday, June 30
Sleep 1-8, 7h Wake up feel ok, bloody phlegm on nose (allergen, not brushing teeth, food?) Rest Vacuum the bed for allergen
 Create Blog Post 10-12, 2h  Feels good, on the track to pattern live, making post make me feel having permanent outcome compared to just thinking dawdling in mind  Peak  Will try this for night time and see how it goes
 * EA finalization  14-18, 4h Feel Curious, finished the first version, solving problem is fun Peak, after nap
 Sat, July 1
* EA review with Pak Andi  9-12, 3h Deal done Peak
* EA mapping 13-14, 1h not so sharp, after lunch with carb (rice+beef yoshinoya) ? Reduce Carb
or add VCO?
Nap 14-15, 1h planned for 20m, but extend to 1h, not so good after wake Set to 20m only to really measure effect
 * EA mapping 15-18, 3h still curious Peak
* EA mapping 20-22, 2h still curious and successfully create a better problem mapping Peak
Sun, July 2
Not so good for today and high heartbeat, and discomfort on side of neck, probably due to food in Lembur kuring
 Mon, July 3
 Sleep 1-8: 7h sluggish, high heartbeat
 Tue, Jul 4  1-8, 7h sluggish
 Wed, Jul 5
 Sleep 1-8, 7h normal, bloat in stomach cover using blanket for avoiding cold
Walk 0.25h set baseline for today mentality, thankful
planning 0.5h
SDP resolve ** 9-12, 14-21, 10h most small things solved, having many completed items are fun, frustrated why are the small tasks  not get done by others how to
  July 8
 sleep 1-8, 7h  not good  wake earlier, and the 20mins nap routine
 SDP review 8-15, 6h  time too long, back and forth  communication auto  mechanism for monitoring and proceeding?
SDP report 15-20, 5h  time too long for creating report  already found the variable “Severity” for next reporting
 Research Surveillance 23-1, 2h  good progress


Step 3 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1

From that I learned that

  1. I need specific time and routine for night review. Just planning next are no good because I am accustomed to think about the main goal first to feel fulfillment, doing planning without that felt worthless
  2. In general doing planning only without getting the big picture dont work for me in term of feeling effective and productivity increase.
  3. For adjustment Finding, its useful to be aware of time and think over what to adjust
  4. Writing in blog have some problem in writing and reading them. The retrieval although trivial, not at ease, got to find the pc, sit there or get phone, sit somewhere, open app, search post, search last content. Considering to use book
  5. Most of the time, at night I am already feeling very tired and want to wind down, evaluating are tiresome, not enough energy to do it at night. If i want to do this, i need a routine for energy recovery or change the time

Step 4 – Decision and Actions

Therefore, I will

  1. Continue writing down the activity journal
  2. Still using the blog though, cause book will also require me to bring the book everywhere
  3. change the routine for night review to get the effectiveness and productivity
  4. The time should be fixed 30 to 60 minutes
  5. Routine for restoring energy
  6. Shower
  7. Food/drink intake
  8. Breathing (recovery routine?)
  9. Playing little games
  10. Write down goal and sub goal
  11. Write down activities
  12. Evaluate
  13. Plan for next day: big or detail?
  14. Put in google calendar