Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2017 06 02 Not Relaxing in Vacation


I’m taking vacation and can’t get myself to relax, It felt something must be done, I need to do something, I got to be useful, Like I have to watch my back and make sure everything run well and efficient. While it not supposed to be like that

Emotion – Pre

  1. Anxious: 80%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. I need to be always alert, just in case – overgeneralization
  2. It will ruin my work if something happen – magnification
  3. I am not reliable – personalization
  4. I am not useful – overgeneralization and personalization
  5. I don’t have value – all or nothing
  6. I’ll be look down upon – personalization
  7. I’m not better than anyone else ?

Rational Thoughts

  1. I’m not better than anyone else – I have strengths and weaknesses
  2. What I will do are
    1. Just making a living
    2. Helping others
    3. There is a limit of what I can do
    4. But there are also so many possibilities that can be made in a life time

Emotion – Post

  1. Anxious: 50%


  1. When taking a holiday I need to put in place a protocol to make sure things run smoothly
    1. Emergency protocol exist but keep it to one channel only / one person
    2. The rests are delegated
  2. I am not the begin all and end all of my business,
    1. I am limited but with my team we can achieve great things together
    2. It is just a work, though I took pride in giving excellent service but it’s not the defining factor of my self worth
    3. My capacity though currently dominated by the current project, can be used for other purposes, it didn’t need to drain me out of other opportunities

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