Dysfunctional Thoughts: 20180325 – Lingering Stress All The Time due to Work Issues


  1. Due to work situation I feel stressed all the time, from waking up to sleep.
  2. No communication with the related client, stirred up the stress, the feeling of the unkown is the worst
  3. After some communication with client, the stress gradually reduced but still lingering.
  4. The stress I feel, made me feel I can’t do anything and overwhelmed
  5. After going to Sunday Church service, I am restored!

Emotion – Pre

  1. Overwhelmed – 90%
  2. Powerless/helpless – 90%
  3. Frustrated – 90%
  4. Fear – 90%
  5. Lethargy – 80%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. They’re scheming something against me: mind reading
  2. They want to take me down and oust us from the project: mind reading
  3. My Company will fold due to this: mind reading
  4. I fail: personalization
  5. I am worthless and cannot make something good out of myself: all or nothing
  6. People and myself will look down on me/myself: personalization, all or nothing
  7. I am useless, have no contribution, not useful, not valuable: all or nothing, personalization

Rational Thoughts

  1. My life are not determined by what happen on me, but on God’s will and plan – who have the Control on this? (from church)
  2. Those who believe won’t be disappointed, God will make use, make value and beneficial for Him and people (not just self) on those who put hope in Him (from church)
  3. To believe and decide based on that belief what my thoughts are and therefore what I feel.
  4. People can plot and proceed their plan, but like how I see so many things can break any well crafted plan, so will their plan and at the end of the day it’s God’s plan that will proceed. Whether it would look good or bad for me, it will be just a single event from so many events that will unfold and I have the assurance of having hope with God and believe that God work on All things to bring goodness, and His plan is plan of peace and hopeful for me and everyone.
  5. My worth is not determined by others, by my work, by what I think of myself, but by God’s will when I submit and follow Him.
  6. Do the best and leave the rest
  7. Worrying about the future won’t add a single miniscule step of my life

Emotion – Post

  1. Overwhelmed – 10%
  2. Powerless / helpless – 0%
  3. Frustrated – 0%
  4. Fear – 0%
  5. Lethargy – 0%


  1. Came back to the base of all, find worth and meaning in God, everything else are just the outward expressions and not the real thing.

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