Dysfunctional Thoughts: 20180314 – On Feeling Powerless


  1. Feeling powerless when facing current problem especially when relying on others in critical condition that need fast and accurate responses
  2. I feel just want to stop and do nothing, to let it slide

Emotion – Pre

  1. Helpless/powerless: 90%

Automatic Thoughts

  1. They can’t provide fast and accurate responses like me – generalization
  2. My work result will be terrible – generalization
  3. I am seen as a failure for not providing desired solution – personalization
  4. I am not worthy – personalization and generalization

Rational Thoughts

  1. They can sometimes, but they need training and routine
  2. Not always
  3. My worth are not my work

Emotion – Post

  1. Helpless/powerless: 70%


  1. It’s not about me, need to learn to rely on others

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