Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 02 08 – On Internal Project VS Client Project


  1. I can deliver and feel in control when working on client projects, I can focus on what to do and accomplished them within time and resource
  2. I felt overwhelmed for our own internal project, feel paralyzed when looking the big works that needed to be done

Emotion – Pre

1. Overwhelmed 80%
2. Anxious 70%

Automatic Thoughts

1. My work should be perfect because its my own, while client project are objective oriented. All of Nothing
2. I have to do everything myself and think of the big plan upto the smallest detail. Control. Should
3. I have only a very limited time and a lot of work.
4. If I don’t do them all the result are lackluster. Discarding positives, All or Nothing.

Rational Thoughts

1. My work should also be objective oriented, there is no such thing as perfect work
2. I don’t have to work on everything, I can trust and delegate to others, I have the resources to delegate or hire what I need. I can focus on critical aspect and maintain focus and results evaluation. Thats how big work get accomplished. I can still work on the critical if I have the time and want to
3. I can’t expect everything to work perfectly and they didn’t have to, but the critical spot should be laser focused, my challenge is to identify, focus and pivot as necessary
4. People around me are better on others things that I am not good at. They even can surpass me anytime

Emotion – Post

1. Overwhelmed 40%
2. Anxious 40%


1. Objective oriented and use time constraint
2. Focus on critical and delegate others
3. Planning and evaluation routine
4. Provide time to do some critical works


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