Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 02 04 – On Annoying and Anxious Inducing People

Some people act very annoyingly and making me and my team feel anxious everytime they comment on anything

Emotion – Pre
Anger 60%
Anxious 80%

Automatic Thoughts – Hot Thoughts
1. These stupid incompetent people, they didn’t know what they’re doing.
2. They exaggerating small things and didn’t focus on the key factors
3. Our effort to provide responsive support are being undermined and they are making our work even harder for the sake of fulfilling their nonsensical demands
4. They should just sit still, and let us do the work.

Rational Thoughts – Cool Thoughts
1. They don’t know everything, just the same like me and everyone else, they don’t have to understand everything. They have tried to understand and in their best effort try to communicate and feel frustrated also
2. They are frustrated by all the small things also and need to see resolution and reassured that things are moving forward
3. They are actually waiting and starting to get frustrated after some time and give “reactions” after that, I need to provide them latest status and progresses
4. They want to work and want to help but don’t know better

Emotion – Post
Anger 20%
Anxious 20%

1. Identify their frustration level and cause
2. Provide ease for their frustration by giving response of empathy and solution


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