Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 02 02 – On Retaining People

Team resign symptoms or request

Emotion Pre
Anxious 80%

Automatic Thoughts 
1. We’re not good enough – Discarding Positives
2. They are leaving / abandon us – Mind Reading

Rational Thoughts
1. There are so many places with each good and bads, we’re not perfect but we’re doing our best and fix things up and that’s enough, we would like to provide good benefits and comfortable working environments.
2. People search for opportunities, it is natural if they find other opportunities and go for it, I will do the same

Emotion Post
Anxious 10%

1. Prepare with routine about how to periodically probe and talk with each team to know their condition
2. Provide incentives scheme for current and benefit package for blocking resignation  (ownership, bonus)


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