Dysfunctional Thoughts: 2018 01 29 – On Procastinating


  1. I have several big tasks and already scheduled them today in Google Calendar, 5 Tasks
  2. But I am procrastinating them, these tasks are already scheduled multiple times and I manage to dodge them until I can’t.

Emotion – Pre

  1. Overwhelmed: 80%

Automatic Thoughts 

  1. I can’t do it, so many details to be think about.
  2. I am not exactly ready to work on it, my energy level is not at peak
  3. I need time for background processing so I can complete them
  4. There are so many tasks on my plate, I am confuse which one to do and whether they are the most important tasks

Rational Thoughts 

  1. All or Nothing. Yes, there are details thats way I scheduled them and allocate time for them and create evernote post, paper scratch notes or mind map for putting all of details and make sure everything get done and not missed, if they are not completed within the allocated time I can scheduled them for next day.
  2. Emotional decision. Ready or not I should do it, sooner better than later, I might search for a conducive place or condition to do them without distraction and use podomori timer to increase probability of focus.

Emotion – Post 

  1. Overwhelmed: 25%


  1. Allocate time with podomori to increase chance of focus. Stop when allocated times is up and allocate more if really important
  2. Use the short planning routine 
  3. Use Scratch notes, evernote, or mind map for ensuring issues are inventoried and cleared.

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