Time Diary: Observe, Analyze, Adjust and Automate

Based on Ramit Sethi, Productivity Pack that was posted on a blog I read

“Show me your time spent and I will show you what really important for you”, quote I heard from Ramit Sethi podcast with James Altucher, not sure whether it came from others.

“Show me you spending and I will show you what really important for you” (will be in another post) from Ramit also

Notes: i need to incorporate this as my daily routine, I observe this make me more self aware and reflective for my own behaviour and lead to improvement, it doesnt need to be exact, but few important tasks measured and concluded are well worth the time atention and decission for stop, continue or automate. Next question: how? What time? Prefer night rather than morning due to reflecting the day is still fresh and energy for analyzing and concluding is also enormous, I prefer not to spend it on the morning, morning energy should be focused on accomplishing the day goals not on reflecting yesterday and also get some upset due to not so good yesterday. What time exactly? Can it be intgrated with my test plan of Creating to do list in the evening/night? Yea it should. What is the format of the activity? There should be a template and archiving mechanism. Template for time diary (date, activity, time spent, result, feeling) and planning for tommorow (the productivity journal?, somewhere in my laptop) . Archivingn mechanism: paper or online (wordpress, evernote, Google calendar). The purpose of archiving: can be used for reflecting easily, used for today to do, I find it a hassle for reviewing lot of notes in online, imagine hoing through one year notes in online look like: 365 post or 12 post (1 post = 1 month), preview on monitor or print and then review. Compared with skimming a journal book of a year worth, but will have to sync the schedule with google calendar. Inlike writing to a book, like a feeling of caligraphy and letting thoughts translated to smooth movement and stay in the thoughts longer than the key stroking mechanism of typing with keyboard. Lets see if i can find the same enjoyment witth typing in phone or the keyboard, yes, i can, it s just the feeling of doing something trivial, sequencial, rhytmic and closurable. So the winner is? Within 3 minutes to decide: try online first for a week or so and try to find the suitable routine, sequence, template, and media. So the first try: online in wordpress post, create time journal category, use phone/laptop, use table template with 1 post = 1 month for the time journal and to do list (from the productivity journal). 

The routine:

  1.  review today activity from google calendar and memory  and
  2. Write down the journal 
  3. Obadaa: observe, analyze (energy, time, result, worthy), adjust (create rules, routine), automate (manual, elminate) 
  4. Create list to do for tomorrow 
  5.  put the schedule in google calendar 

Obaada: observe, analyze, adjust, automate

  1. Observe: create TIME DIARY journal of activity and time spent
    1. activity, time spent, output, feeling after completion
    2. Morning routine, 6.35-7.05: 0.5 hours, nothing, refreshed
    3. Writing, 8.00-10.00: 2 hours, 2 paragraph, tired
  2. Analyze: analyze the journal what does each item mean
    1. How is the energy level: increasing or depleted
      1. Is it working?
      2. Where/When does your energy go?
      3. Is it the right time for such work? morning person, day person, night person
      4. What tasks that drained my energy? Discussing business plan and eating McDonalds (whether the food or the activity)
      5. What tasks that giving me energy? When meeting with other and discussing ideas
    2. Cycle of work and rest
      1. Pay attention to peak time and rest time
      2. Do maximize the peak time and do rest or other light thing on rest time
  3. Adjust: Determine what to do based on that
    1. Set work or rest according to findings
    2. Work 8-11
    3. Rest 11-13
    4. Eat these before work

Repeat observe, analyze, adjust until getting the result you want

Find also things that you can AUTOMATE to increase efficiency

15 September 2016

  1. Sleep, 00.30-05.00: 4.5h, feels normal
  2. Morning walk, 05.30-6.00: 0.5h, feels good and thankful
  3. Breakfast and review, 6.00 – 6.40: 0.5h, cruising along

14 September 2016

  1. Sleep, 00.00-6.30: 6.5h, Feeling fresh after immediately take shower
  2. Review Biometrik and PB generate, 9.00-10.00: 1h, Specification Document & next review, feel on progress
  3. Setup Network Bolt, 11.00-12.15:1h, setup done, feel sluggish probably hungry
  4. Setup failover, 13.30-14.30Configuration for network failover, feel on progress, refresh after lunch and coffee
  5. SDP Eksternal, 15.00-18.30: 3.5h, Specification Document, feel accomplish and still on power
  6. Writing Blog, 19.00-20.00: 0.5h, time diary, feel ok afer

13 September 2016

  1. Waking Up, 6.35
  2. Morning routine without morning walk (3mins to relax and feel surrounding, 3 mins to faith, 3 mins for praying to others, 3 mins for gratitude), 6.35-7.05: 0.5h, Output nothing, Feeling charged after feeling sluggish after waking up.
  3. Review Test card, post blog and Planning, 7.05-7.55: 1h, Output: 2 blog post and planning for today, normal
  4. Fixing Internet 9.00-10.00:1h, Output: pay internet line and setting up, feels annoyed “this little twerp really get into my nerves, I shouldn’t be doing this if the backup line is running and not abused”
  5. Review and plan renovation, 11.00-12.10: 1h, Output: partition plan, feels done
  6. Meeting with client, 13.30-17.10:4h, Output: confirmation of addon contract, scope of work, feeling clear afteWriter getting addon contract
  7. Fixing internet, 17.10-19.00:2h, Output: pay another package for internet line that spent the quota, failed in trying to reset the lines, feeling wasted time for trying to reset the lines instead of just paying and go ahead
  8. Browsing , 19.00-23.00:4h, Output: information about Company registration, feeling a little usefull, but a lot of time spent on non useful, feel sluggish since comming home and dinner.
  9. Reading , 23.30-23.45:15mins, Output: general outline of transportation, feeling I know the basic, just let me go to the part that I don’t understand /know to learn something new, the sluggish feeling subsided, I felt more sharp, thats why I want to read.
  10. Blog, 23.55-00.05, Output: This post, feeling need to review and finish some stupid behaviors that I’ve done today, like “trying to setup instead just to pay up”, something is making me sluggish, the food? or dehydration? sleep deprivation?

21 November 2016

  1. 6:45, 6+hours sleep, awake, a little regret of not waking earlier at 5, few but too many dreams
  2. 15 mins: morning walk, feel strength
  3. 2 big glasses of water and Breakfast of cereal with milk
  4. 7:30 to 13:00 travel with grab to meeting, output: bug list, feel alert even without snack and not taken lunch yet

22 November

  1. 7, 6+ hours sleep, awake but not doing morning routine
  2. 11.30 – 2.5 hour meeting, feels tired probably not doing morning routing
  3. 15.00 onward, feel slight fever probably food or exhaust?

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