Test #8: ODB connect and save Data 


ODB connect and save Data

Due Date / Duration
–  / 1 week

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 3
I believe that following ODB II can be connected, live streamed and saved into an application

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 3
To verify, I will

Build prototype with the following specification

  1. ODB II – Nissan car
  2. Connect to PC through USB
  3. Save all data in application, in text or mysql

To do

  1. Buy interface cable for ODB II and Nissan
  2. Create application that can connect with ODB II
    1. Language
    2. Protocol
    3. Command
    4. Save to file
    5. Refresh rate / live stream

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 2
And measure

  1. How many variables
  2. Data refresh rate
  3. How many interfaces
  4. How many protocols

Step 4 – Criteria
I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Can connect and save ODBII data
  2. Get all variables
  3. Data refresh rate = live stream or < 5 minutes


Step 1 – Hypothesis 

I believe that ==Same with above==

Step 2 – Observation – Reliability: 1

I observed

Step 3 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1

From that I learned that

Step 4 – Decision and Actions

Therefore, I will


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