Test #6: Wake Up Simulation 5x before sleep for 5 day


Wake up simulation 5 times before sleep for 5 days will make a habit of waking up at designated time

Due Date / Duration
May 6, 2017 / 1 weeks

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 2
I believe that by wake up simulation 5 times before sleep can reprogram my waking up habit especially getting out of bed, so that it became a new habit that being done without thinking in the morning and after 5 days repetition will become a permanent habit (doesn’t need to do wake up simulation anymore)

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 3 
To verify, I will

  1. Do wake up simulation 5 times just before sleeping
  2. The new habit sequence
    1. Alarm ring at 5 am
    2. Open my eyes
    3. Get out of bed
    4. Go to the bathroom
    5. Wash my face
    6. Stretch take a deep breath with the seal square breathing pattern of 10 seconds for each inhale, hold, exhale, hold for 3 times (10 x 4 x 3 = 120 seconds  = 2 minutes) – Not being done, because it takes a long time to simulate this

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 1
And measure

  1. Wake Up Simulation: 1-5 times
  2. Wake Up On Time and do routine: not on time 1 – 5 on time
  3. Wake Up effort: hard 1-5 low/auto
1  2 3 4 5 6 7
WU simulation 5 3  0  0  0
On time & routine 5  5  3  3  3
Effort 4  5  2  3  3


  1. Day 1
    1. Immediately get up and go
    2. Problem with what to do after, laying on couch for 2 hours till 7am
  2. Day 2
    1. Only simulate 3 times
    2. Automatic wake on first alarm ring and moving away from the bed
    3. Still have problem with what to do, go back to bed, but this time only spent 1 hour lazing around and then off to running
  3. Day 3
    1. Too tired to simulate, wake up quite hard not reflex like, like day 1 & 2
    2. Can still wake up on alarm, but still laying down till 7pm
  4. Day 4
    1. Same with day 3, tired, wake on alarm, get up on 7pm
  5. Day 5
    1. Same with day 3, but still out of bed on 7pm

Step 4 – Criteria
I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Criteria to make test valid, that the simulation was done properly
    Wake Up Simulation: >=5 times
  2. Wake Up On Time and do routine: >= 3 (expecting failure for the first 2 days)
  3. Wake Up effort, expecting  on Day 4 and 5 to become 5 (easy)


Step 1 – Hypothesis 
I believe that ==Same with above==

Step 2 – Observation – Reliability: 1
I observed

Step 3 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1
From that I learned that

  1. It work for me
  2. The 5x simulation, really build reflex like behaviour
  3. Even 2x can have a lasting change, though not achieving the perfect routine but already wake on time
  4. The routine should be short and reflex like

Step 4 – Decision and Actions
Therefore, I will

  1. Do simulate for waking up, add set periodic alarm, breathing, reading bible
  2. Think about what next habit to be reprogrammed

Time Diary: Observe, Analyze, Adjust and Automate

Based on Ramit Sethi, Productivity Pack that was posted on a blog I read

“Show me your time spent and I will show you what really important for you”, quote I heard from Ramit Sethi podcast with James Altucher, not sure whether it came from others.

“Show me you spending and I will show you what really important for you” (will be in another post) from Ramit also

Notes: i need to incorporate this as my daily routine, I observe this make me more self aware and reflective for my own behaviour and lead to improvement, it doesnt need to be exact, but few important tasks measured and concluded are well worth the time atention and decission for stop, continue or automate. Next question: how? What time? Prefer night rather than morning due to reflecting the day is still fresh and energy for analyzing and concluding is also enormous, I prefer not to spend it on the morning, morning energy should be focused on accomplishing the day goals not on reflecting yesterday and also get some upset due to not so good yesterday. What time exactly? Can it be intgrated with my test plan of Creating to do list in the evening/night? Yea it should. What is the format of the activity? There should be a template and archiving mechanism. Template for time diary (date, activity, time spent, result, feeling) and planning for tommorow (the productivity journal?, somewhere in my laptop) . Archivingn mechanism: paper or online (wordpress, evernote, Google calendar). The purpose of archiving: can be used for reflecting easily, used for today to do, I find it a hassle for reviewing lot of notes in online, imagine hoing through one year notes in online look like: 365 post or 12 post (1 post = 1 month), preview on monitor or print and then review. Compared with skimming a journal book of a year worth, but will have to sync the schedule with google calendar. Inlike writing to a book, like a feeling of caligraphy and letting thoughts translated to smooth movement and stay in the thoughts longer than the key stroking mechanism of typing with keyboard. Lets see if i can find the same enjoyment witth typing in phone or the keyboard, yes, i can, it s just the feeling of doing something trivial, sequencial, rhytmic and closurable. So the winner is? Within 3 minutes to decide: try online first for a week or so and try to find the suitable routine, sequence, template, and media. So the first try: online in wordpress post, create time journal category, use phone/laptop, use table template with 1 post = 1 month for the time journal and to do list (from the productivity journal). 

The routine:

  1.  review today activity from google calendar and memory  and
  2. Write down the journal 
  3. Obadaa: observe, analyze (energy, time, result, worthy), adjust (create rules, routine), automate (manual, elminate) 
  4. Create list to do for tomorrow 
  5.  put the schedule in google calendar 

Obaada: observe, analyze, adjust, automate

  1. Observe: create TIME DIARY journal of activity and time spent
    1. activity, time spent, output, feeling after completion
    2. Morning routine, 6.35-7.05: 0.5 hours, nothing, refreshed
    3. Writing, 8.00-10.00: 2 hours, 2 paragraph, tired
  2. Analyze: analyze the journal what does each item mean
    1. How is the energy level: increasing or depleted
      1. Is it working?
      2. Where/When does your energy go?
      3. Is it the right time for such work? morning person, day person, night person
      4. What tasks that drained my energy? Discussing business plan and eating McDonalds (whether the food or the activity)
      5. What tasks that giving me energy? When meeting with other and discussing ideas
    2. Cycle of work and rest
      1. Pay attention to peak time and rest time
      2. Do maximize the peak time and do rest or other light thing on rest time
  3. Adjust: Determine what to do based on that
    1. Set work or rest according to findings
    2. Work 8-11
    3. Rest 11-13
    4. Eat these before work

Repeat observe, analyze, adjust until getting the result you want

Find also things that you can AUTOMATE to increase efficiency

15 September 2016

  1. Sleep, 00.30-05.00: 4.5h, feels normal
  2. Morning walk, 05.30-6.00: 0.5h, feels good and thankful
  3. Breakfast and review, 6.00 – 6.40: 0.5h, cruising along

14 September 2016

  1. Sleep, 00.00-6.30: 6.5h, Feeling fresh after immediately take shower
  2. Review Biometrik and PB generate, 9.00-10.00: 1h, Specification Document & next review, feel on progress
  3. Setup Network Bolt, 11.00-12.15:1h, setup done, feel sluggish probably hungry
  4. Setup failover, 13.30-14.30Configuration for network failover, feel on progress, refresh after lunch and coffee
  5. SDP Eksternal, 15.00-18.30: 3.5h, Specification Document, feel accomplish and still on power
  6. Writing Blog, 19.00-20.00: 0.5h, time diary, feel ok afer

13 September 2016

  1. Waking Up, 6.35
  2. Morning routine without morning walk (3mins to relax and feel surrounding, 3 mins to faith, 3 mins for praying to others, 3 mins for gratitude), 6.35-7.05: 0.5h, Output nothing, Feeling charged after feeling sluggish after waking up.
  3. Review Test card, post blog and Planning, 7.05-7.55: 1h, Output: 2 blog post and planning for today, normal
  4. Fixing Internet 9.00-10.00:1h, Output: pay internet line and setting up, feels annoyed “this little twerp really get into my nerves, I shouldn’t be doing this if the backup line is running and not abused”
  5. Review and plan renovation, 11.00-12.10: 1h, Output: partition plan, feels done
  6. Meeting with client, 13.30-17.10:4h, Output: confirmation of addon contract, scope of work, feeling clear afteWriter getting addon contract
  7. Fixing internet, 17.10-19.00:2h, Output: pay another package for internet line that spent the quota, failed in trying to reset the lines, feeling wasted time for trying to reset the lines instead of just paying and go ahead
  8. Browsing , 19.00-23.00:4h, Output: information about Company registration, feeling a little usefull, but a lot of time spent on non useful, feel sluggish since comming home and dinner.
  9. Reading , 23.30-23.45:15mins, Output: general outline of transportation, feeling I know the basic, just let me go to the part that I don’t understand /know to learn something new, the sluggish feeling subsided, I felt more sharp, thats why I want to read.
  10. Blog, 23.55-00.05, Output: This post, feeling need to review and finish some stupid behaviors that I’ve done today, like “trying to setup instead just to pay up”, something is making me sluggish, the food? or dehydration? sleep deprivation?

21 November 2016

  1. 6:45, 6+hours sleep, awake, a little regret of not waking earlier at 5, few but too many dreams
  2. 15 mins: morning walk, feel strength
  3. 2 big glasses of water and Breakfast of cereal with milk
  4. 7:30 to 13:00 travel with grab to meeting, output: bug list, feel alert even without snack and not taken lunch yet

22 November

  1. 7, 6+ hours sleep, awake but not doing morning routine
  2. 11.30 – 2.5 hour meeting, feels tired probably not doing morning routing
  3. 15.00 onward, feel slight fever probably food or exhaust?

Test #8: ODB connect and save Data 


ODB connect and save Data

Due Date / Duration
–  / 1 week

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 3
I believe that following ODB II can be connected, live streamed and saved into an application

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 3
To verify, I will

Build prototype with the following specification

  1. ODB II – Nissan car
  2. Connect to PC through USB
  3. Save all data in application, in text or mysql

To do

  1. Buy interface cable for ODB II and Nissan
  2. Create application that can connect with ODB II
    1. Language
    2. Protocol
    3. Command
    4. Save to file
    5. Refresh rate / live stream

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 2
And measure

  1. How many variables
  2. Data refresh rate
  3. How many interfaces
  4. How many protocols

Step 4 – Criteria
I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Can connect and save ODBII data
  2. Get all variables
  3. Data refresh rate = live stream or < 5 minutes


Step 1 – Hypothesis 

I believe that ==Same with above==

Step 2 – Observation – Reliability: 1

I observed

Step 3 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1

From that I learned that

Step 4 – Decision and Actions

Therefore, I will

Prototype Development Framework  – Version 1.0 – Research – Concept – Develop – Evaluate

Prototype Development Framework – Version 1.0 – Research, Concept, Develop and Evaluate

Based on reference from Design Information Framework (DIF) https://www.id.iit.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Development-of-design-information-framework_Lim_ADC.pdf, I modify to create the Prototype Developoment Framework.


  1. Robust Framework for Prototype Development
  2. Ready to use forms to enable multiple lines of prototyping


  1. Research : get data, spec, user study, insight
  2. Concept: objective, requirement, specification, core functionalities, proof of concept, design, critical variables and criteria
  3. Develop: sourcing, step to do, prototyping,
  4. Evaluation: analyze test result

Research and Concept are free form while develop and evaluation can use the Test & Learn Framework


Routine / Habit List

Self Development – Habit Forming

Result Statement: Routine for forming habit / routine 

Completed – Ready to Use

  1. Reprogramming Habit by Identifying Underlying Need and Replacement Action
     by understanding what the underlying need in a certain habit and then replace the habit action with more constructive action that also fulfill the need, we can control (stop) the bad habit, not necessarily form new habit, but to control and able to stop.

    1. Browsing habit
  2. 5 times simulation: simulate physically the habit you want to do, so it became somewhat “muscle memory”.
    Description: based on easy sleeping e-book and Nike+ research, 5 times is the magic number for forming habit

    1. waking up on alarm: practice the signal and the behavior,
      Test #6: Wake Up Simulation 5x before sleep for 5 day

      1. turn off the light,
      2. get into the blanket
      3. alarm triggered then
      4. wake up, stretch, go to bath room
      5. repeat 5 times
    2. browsing and social media addiction
      1. feel the “itch” for browsing and social media: bored, frustrated, need distraction
      2. open the browser and start typing the first letter for the web, f for facebook, etc
      3. stop
      4. do new routine <add here> for at least 30 seconds until “itch” subside
      5. repeat 5 times
  3. Test & Learn framework: to determine assumption, measurement so that any habit can be tested semi-objectively and concluded
    Description: Create test & learn card which contain hypothesis, step to test, measurement, criteria for validating hypothesis, observation result, insight/learning from observation, action to do

    1.  Test #5: Bullet Proof Tea Increase Energy Level until Midday\
    2. Test #4: Using 3 Minutes Continuous Timer will Increase Productivity by Increasing Speed and Short Reflection

In Progress


Completed – Abandoned

Self Development – Health

Result Statement: Excellent Energy Level, Sustainable Long Term (easy to do and flexible), Strong, no side effect

Completed – Ready to Use

  1. Morning Wake Up: can be incorporated into habit using 5 times simulation
  2. Morning Walk of 15 or 30 minutes for priming physical and mind

In Progress

  1. Ketosis – using VCO only without butter
  2. Awake + Sleep Routine (Draft)


  1. Occam Protocol for building muscles
  2. Short 20 minutes nap for refreshing: used when tired or require night work
  3. Ketosis – using VCO and Elle Butter
  4. Intermitent Fasting – autophagy, aging, metabolism, cardiovascular?
  5. Slowcarb diet

Completed – Abandoned

  1. Polyphasic sleep : everyman 3
    – failed due to schedule
    Test #3: Sleeping Pattern: Everyman 3.5 for 2+ weeks – Second Attempt
    Sleeping Pattern: Everyman 3.5 for 2+ weeks – Third Attempt
  2. Bulletproof Tea / Coffee for energy level: First test not satisfactory:
    – Discomfort in neck, need to mitigate against cardiovascular risk
    – Problem in the evening, lunch and dinner probably the cause
    – Careful for long term ketosis, selenium deficiencies – Mercury increase (Tim Feris), need to have off-day from ketosis (eat carb)
    Test #5: Bullet Proof Tea Increase Energy Level until Midday

Self Development – Productivity

Result Statement: Do the RIGHT THING first and then Do THINGS RIGHT, priority and attention based on Goal Alignment, Current Value, Future Potential

Completed – Ready to Use

  1. Podomori + 3 mins timer: 25 mins working session + 5 mins break session with 3 minutes timer within the 25 mins working session
    Test #4: Using 3 Minutes Continuous Timer will Increase Productivity by Increasing Speed and Short Reflection

In Progress

  1. Create SMART goal in evening / night, not on morning
    – Morning are just for Stretch Goal (the big goal), the nitty gritty planning (SMART goal) being done the night before to avoid draining energy in the morning due to SMART goal


  1. Night Routine (Journal, Evaluate, Planning) + Recovery Routine
    – Morning are just for Stretch Goal (the big goal), the nitty gritty planning (SMART goal) being done the night before to avoid draining energy in the morning due to SMART goal
  2. Midday Recovery Routine: (nap, tea, coffee, honey, food routine – gado-gado, nuts, what?)
  3. Loosen Up Routine: ((physical play? swim, with date’s friends)

Completed – Abandoned

  1. Stretch and SMART goal review: everyday

Self Development – Relationship

Result Statement: Strong

Completed – Ready to Use

In Progress

  1. When in Doubt, Routine


Completed – Abandoned

Business – Create New, Operation, Review

Result Statement: Minimum Viable Product that can be replicated first and scalable second 

Completed – Ready to Use

In Progress

  1. Efficiency Automation


  1. Manual creation routine
  2. Accounting Online
  3. Digital Marketing – Market testing through Google and Facebook

Completed – Abandoned

IT – Research and Development

Result Statement: Robust Research and Development framework that focus to be Effective first and Efficient second 

Completed – Ready to Use

  1. Speed Reading

In Progress

  1. Prototype development framework
    Prototype Development Framework  – Version 1.0 – Research – Concept – Develop – Evaluate


  1. Machine Learning prototype
  2. Big Data prototype

Completed – Abandoned

Food Log 2017

Month: June

Date Intake Effect
Tea + 1 tbsp VCO + 1 tbsp Anchor Butter Pain in the side of neck
– suspect: tea, wrong sleeping position, lack of magnesium & potassium
28 1 tab Seagul Multivitamin MegaVite@1200mg
Coffee + 1 tbsp VCO
Yellowish urine
 29 2 tbsp VCO Normal
 30 2 tbsp VCO + reducing nuts + Restaurant eating (fried – Lembur Kuring) Normal

Month: July

Date Intake Effect
 1 2 tbsp VCO + Restaurant eating (fried – Lembur Kuring) acne reducing,
slight discomfort in neck after fries
*pineapple, apple, papaya for anti blood clot?
 2  2 tbsp VCO + emi + martabak + pizza + spagheti + porridge +  1 tab Seagul Multivitamin MegaVite@1200mg @night sleepy on noon (cause emi or  martabak)
feverish on afternoon (windy on pool or pizza + spaghetti)
 3 2 tbsp VCO + 1 tbpsn fish oil  Heartbeat morning: 88
 4 2 tbsp VCO + 1 tbsp fish oil  Heartbeat morning: 85
 5 2tbsp VCO + 1 tbsp fish oil acne already cure (reduced nuts)
Heartbeat morning: 81
 8 2tbsp VCO + 1tbsp fish oil @4am
pizza for lunch
noodle for dinner
sleepy on noon (running out of fuel maybe due to 4am?
foggy after lunch, better after taking coffee (nescafe coffee – sugar can)
not so good after dinner too
 10 2tbsp VCO + 1tbsp fish oil heart rate morning: 78
 12 2tbsp VCO + 1tbsp fish oil heart rate in morning: 75, even after breathing


  1. VCO and fish oil is great for cardiovascular
  2. High carbs leads to foggy brain