The World So Wide, Getting Stressed Out of Two Unturned Stones

Lately I am having some problems in the business that really captivate my emotion and mind, not good problems, rather toxic problems which lead to taking things personally. I found the following

  1. Money can’t do a thing to set me free from those problems that binding me, I can’t pay it to go away, I can use it to redirect the problem, but to expel the lingering thoughts from my mind and emotion, it score zero. I should decide on myself to reject, to choose my response and not being reactive, and this is independent on whatsoever of material things I possessed, whether a gazillion of money, a powerful position, social status recognition, years or decades of experience, it all came down to whether I will let the reaction control me, or I control the reaction and keep the lingering thought at bay. “A man that can control himself is stronger than one that conquer a city.”

On the grand of scale of everything, “star therapy” that Tim Ferris said, when we let our mind try to comprehend and see the stars above, so many galaxies, stars, planets and the unlimited space, our problems are just microscopic specks that don’t matter, the world won’t stop, the sun will keep on shinning the milky way will still travel 1/3 or 2/3 speed of light, amazing fact if I might say. The outcome of my problems are negligible, it’s not so that I can throw away the responsibilities of the problems, but to see it just as another problem to be processed in the queue of so many things to come. This too shall pass, and not to put them on a scale of a global nuclear threat.

When the pressure on mind or emotion became toxic, my decision making pattern became abnormal, after releasing the pressure and balancing them to a proper level, I can function better.

I also read a about several businesses that can generate big income that are related to what my current industry, I noticed that I am getting tied up by the current project, I squandered my time and resource just for this while it can be used for a lot of things.

Focus on things that can be leveraged and scaled, digital based!