Why Self Development?

Today I’m exploring why I’m interested in self development, what motivate me and to really get the real reason beyond simple reason to be effective and efficient. I’ll be using the multiple why to dig deeper.


  1. So I can experience progress
  2. So I can be effective and efficient
  3. So I can also achieve like what others did – envy, they have high achievement, busy and productive life
  4. So I belong to that level of live, being acknowledged, being perceived as successful

The dangers of envy and insecurity

  1. Can’t get enough of everything
  2. Even the good one that I have is pale compared to others
  3. Slight offence on acknowledgement will trigger
  4. When I fail it is two fold: the failure it self and the fall out of grace / self esteem – self depreciating pressure


  1. Life and time provide so many opportunities for profit and usefulness
  2. To explore the opportunities, I need to be effective and efficient 
  3. Not all opportunities are worth pursuing, but I’ll try my best on what I had in hand and searching those that is profitable, productive and useful.

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