Task Management: Mindmap, Agile, Evernote, Seinfield Calendar, Podomoro

This task management is adopted from a post in quora which are based on the Getting Things Done book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book, Toodoodlist book, Agile/Kanban board, podomoro. And my own addition of Evernote application.

I plan to change my current task management, previously I tried to use Evernote in combination of Getting Things Done, but the list keep growing till 285++ item and become overwhelming, I just tried to clear as much item as possible, trying to reduce the backlogs instead of focusing on important tasks.

After I realized this I switched to using post it or notes in my paper notebook for the things that I need to complete today. I find the important tasks to be done and then write them down and carry them with me. More effective but I found many small things slip through.

I need the combination of having to be effective (getting the right things) and efficient (getting things that should be done although not necessarily the right things). So I found this technique. So evernote will function as the notes repository because I can access them from my device, laptop, tablet using web, while mindmap will the task list based on roles and project and agile board for daily to do list, podomoro and 3 minutes timer as time booster efficiency and seinfield calendar for making a habit


Step 1:  Task List in Mindmap using Mindomo (Paid subscription)
Branches are role (7 Habits) or Project and then outcome and tasks

Step 2: Current  Task using Agile Board with Trello (Free plan)
Column: This Week, Today, Current, Delegate/Waiting, Done
Item can came from mindmap, something that came off in the day, evernote notes

Step 3: Work on task in Current column till finish
Use Podomoro and 3 minutes timer
Mark each task using * (1: <5 minutes, 2: <15 minutes, 3: 25 minutes, 4: 1 hour, 5: beyond 1 hour)

Step 4: Put every notes in one place with Evernote (Free plan)
Notes, scratch book about tasks or whatever
Including new tasks if in a hurry, else put to Trello for short task or to Mindmap for important task

Step 5: Mark using Seinfield Calendar, the number of uninterrupted podomoro completed
Make continuous Red mark to make you want to continue indefinately. Seinfield use this to mark that for that day he write something.


Weekly: Review Task List in Mindmap

  1. Delete completed tasks
    1. Remove not prioritized task from This Week
  2. Review outcome
    1. Adding new tasks
  3. Adding new tasks from evernote
  4. Highlight Priority Tasks
  5. Estimate time required 1* to 5*
  6. Move Task for this Week to Trello

Daily: Review Today Task in Trello  

  1. Prioritize Task in Today column based on priority and * (time required)
  2. Move not prioritized tasks to This Week