Test Failures: Mayday everything is falling apart… Not

It has been 18 days since my last post, 2.5 weeks and everything is coming back to abnormal again, bad habits, feeling tired and sleepy all day long even after I had 6+ hours of sleep, rather than even I should probably use because on that.

When taking shower, I think to myself this is bad, really bad, I’m falling back again. But after second thought I remember about what Charles Duhigg said in the podcast, something like “When we see how our lives are a series of experiments, seeing success or failures on just another experiments results rather than a right or wrong result, we can learn on them”, so I don’t like it, my current condition, I don’t like it and how do I get here?

  1. getting addicted to social media,
  2. sleep more than I should,
  3. not eating compatible breakfast

The 2.5 weeks is an experiment of how I personally to achieved bad condition, low energy, wasting time, feeling half fulfilled, yeay I succeed quite insignificantly.

So, let’s start again on another experiment and see how it will come to fruition. First, based on my previous test and learn, I found that

  1. I can modify my waking behavior by practicing physical mental model 5 times of how I really get up from bed after hearing alarm
  2. Drink 2 glass of water and bread with peanut butter or a fruit
  3. Do 15 – 30 minutes morning walk to get warm up and ready for the day
    1. 3-6 minutes for breathing
    2. 3-6 minutes for relaxing
    3. 3-6 minutes for quiet time
    4. 3-6 minutes for praying for others
    5. 3-6 minutes for gratitude and today will be accomplishment
  4. Review Life purpose, Business Strategic Objective
  5. Create action plan for today
  6. Replace the urge for any social media and news by identifying what I really want to satisfy by doing this urge and use quiet time as the replacement

Those things above are tested, proven and verified by myself for myself, doesn’t have the same weight for others but bring results for me and that’s what matter. (notes for those who would try to duplicate)