Test #1 – Reprogramming Habit by Identifying underlying need and replacement action

Testing Card

Reprogramming Habit by identifying underlying needs and replace the action to fulfill the underlying needs

Due Date / Duration
July 21, 2016 / 1 week

Step 1 – Hypothesis – Critical: 1
I believe that by reprogramming habit can be done by identifying the underlying needs of the habits and then replace the habit by other action that can fulfill the underlying needs.

My habits are getting distracted by viewing social media, news site, reading comments, manga sites which can take a lot of my time and at the end of the day feeling unproductive and unfulfilled.

The underlying needs are

  1. Feeling of bored: when waiting for some work to load, I feel bored and need something to fill my time
  2. Need excitement: what’s new
  3. Need progress: I should be doing something, reading news is making me more knowledgeable
  4. Need certainty and closure: on complex tasks which I don’t have the solution yet, I went to manga sites to follow stories which are made by authors, the tension, how the character respond and solve it, the character know what to do and not just being idle. When watching those I feel the certainty and closure not like the problems that I am facing off against.

The replacement action is praying or meditating to feel the presence of God, which should answer my needs of feeling bored, excitement junkie, progress by giving up worries and certainty by trusting / have faith for help from God

Step 2 – Test – Cost: 1 – Reliability: 1 (limited time and sample)
To verify, I will

  1. change my desktop and smartphone background wallpaper to something related with Praying or Presence of God to remind myself of this new routine
  2. switch the action to pray or feeling the presence of god, every time I get distracted and going to open social media, news site or manga sites
  3. and stay there until needs get fulfilled or subsided

Step 3 – Metric – Time Required: 1
And measure

1  2 3 4 5 6 7
Needs Arise  8  9 6 6 5 4 4
Distracted 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


  1. Day 4 & 5: the relapse or needs arise for distraction were reduced significantly but not yet forming a new habit, I still consciously need to stop and change the course of action.

Step 4 – Criteria
I am right if at the end of the test

  1. Needs arised and Distraction equal zero
  2. Action are totally replaced

Learning Card

Step 1 – Hypothesis 
I believe that ==Same with above==

Step 2 – Observation – Reliability: 1
I observed in 1 week the relapse/need arised were reduced from 9 per day to 4 per day but didn’t yet formed a habit, still require conscious effor to change course of action

Step 3 – Learnings and Insights – Action Required: 1
From that I learned that

  1. By replacing with feeling the presence of God, the needs are fulfilled,
    1. it take under 1 minutes to fulfill and going back
    2. addiction/relapses was reduced
    3. though not completely eliminated
  2. At stressful time, relapse occurred more frequently
  3. I can let loose following the relapse but controllable, just a moment and then stop
  4. Habit was not formed but the will power required to switch was low, can be done easily without a lot of effort
  5. I found myself able to focus more on work and being more productive

The hypothesis of reprogramming habit by replacing the action of fulfilling underlying needs can be concluded as

  1. It successfully change and put the habit under control
  2. After 3 days the relapse will decrease
  3. Habit was not formed in 1 weeks, though it is not necessary to change the habit because the most important result is to stop the old habit. Having a new better habit will be positive but having able to stop and control over bad habit is what really matters.

Step 4 – Decision and Actions
Therefore, I will

  1. Continue to handle relapse this way and hopefully form a new habit
  2. If I find other bad addictions, behaviors or thought patterns that are hard to change then
    1. Identify the underlying needs
    2. find alternative positive actions to fulfill those needs
    3. stick with it for at least 3 days without allowing relapse
    4. depending on the needs and the action,  the needs can be fulfilled under 1 minutes which really a very short time.
  3. Further tests related to goal are not required due to success in stopping and controlling the bad habit
  4. But test on how to made a new habit can be interesting though.

Some candidates for changes are

  1. Wake up habit
  2. Response to kids attitude
  3. Being Passive when learning, meaning only analysis without syntehsis

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