Mind Map & Fish Bone Diagram

What is the Problem

  1. Note taking using usual List Format is not enough to take notes about complex concept, brainstorming, research. What we need are note taking technique that
    1. Flexible: sometimes we need to jump to previous section of the note because it is related
    2. Fast to create
    3. Easy to Read later on, like after 6 month you can see the notes and
    4. Easy to find specific part that you need later on
    5. Easy to recall/grasp the concept later on
  2. How to find the root cause of a problem
  3. How to create an outline to write a book from just 2 basic idea

Mind Map

Why it is called Mind Map? Because it mimic of how we think which is like a web. Example when we think about Jakarta we relate Jakarta with traffic, malls, many people. For traffic we relate them with hectic in rush hours, multitude of cars, our experience in such traffic jam. If we think about Malls the we relate them with a lot of malls, the biggest malls, most frequently visited malls.

. Here is an example how we take notes about what it takes to Build A House

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  1. At first we create the theme “Build A House”
  2. Then we create the outline: we need to think about the Structure, Roof, Wall, Door & Window, Water & Electricity and Interior
  3. Then we dig deeper:
    1. Structure: we need to know about creating strong foundation
    2. Wall, Door & Window: we plastic door for bathroom and aluminium window
    3. Interior: we need furniture
  4. Then more Deeper:
    1. we think about the detail of each parts and
    2. also we found we need to think about Schedule & Cost 
    3. and the Matching Color of the Furniture with the Paint / Wallpaper

The above process is how we usually think which is jumping here and there. By using mind map, we can take notes flexibly and in compact form. Compare that with List Format like below

Build A House

  1. Structure
    1. Foundation
    2. Column
  2. Wall, Door & Windows
    1. Plastic Door for Bathroom
    2. Aluminium Window
    3. Paint & Wallpaper
  3. Roof
  4. Wall & Electricity
    1. Cable
    2. Pipe
  5. Interior
    1. Furniture: should match the color of Wall Paint/Wallpaper

Fish Bone Diagram

Can be used as an alternative of Mind Map but also frequently called Cause and Effect Diagram

But first why does it called Fish Bone Diagram


Do we need to draw the Fish Head and Tail or using this as template? No, below is what it looks in real world. This is fish bone diagram for brainstorming in preparing “A Great Thanksgiving Holiday”


Why does it is also called Cause and Effect Diagram? Because it can be used in mapping the root cause and effect of a problem, like the following “What is the cause of Late Medication in a hospital”

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Key Points

  1. Use keywords not long sentences
  2. There are no rules in how to create mind map or fish bone diagram,  the objective is note taking and the notes should be easily understood. You can use vertical fish bone, make line connection between the nodes, or anything as long as you can easily read / understand them.
  3. You can create a book outline by just 2 ideas and then try to breakdown on what sub topics, fact, stories, illustration that you can add to explain the ideas further

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