Self Imposed Limit VS Boundless/ Gravityless

I am taking a moment of silence, being observant, not full of self or caught in the noise, excitements, fears, worries, opportunities, feeling of imminent danger. Well the last one, imminent danger, fortunately, there are none on sight or indicating as such.

Being still both in mind and body enable me to see things more clearly, like years ago when I observed people on doing their businesses, I can see inefficiencies and thought of a lot of ideas on how to solve them, without being tied up, or having walls of limitations that I should avoid. The only limitation that I considered were whether the solution can be learnt / teachable and would it cost a lot. If the solution is can be learnt and affordable then why not?

But as experiences and learning of others passed, having met the same problems myself, I came to the conclusion that almost all things that looked possible, in reality were very hard or require a lot of resources, physically, financially and mentally which I didn’t had.

Having that conclusion in my sub conscious really restrict on what I think are possible to do, which is not good, I’m becoming the naysayer pessimistic old dinosaur.

I’m trying to revive the attitude of possibilities instead of limitations, using the knowledge of limitations as an asset, not as the biggest hurdle that I need to climb up. Side step them, make them irrelevant, confront and change them, change the way how I see them.

New businesses always came up, outgrowing the established giants, disruptive business models that change the whole landscape of how we do business, such as: electricity, phone, mobile phone, internet, electric car, robotic automation, internet of things, sharing economy. All of those are done by people not bound on limitation and avoiding problems, they see how to change the problems or even make them irrelevant.

So, what will I am going to do today? And couple of years ahead?