Migration to Cloud Kilat reverted

We previously used Rackspace infrastructure to power our e-commerce website, due to the discontinuation of Google Pagespeed on August 2015, we’re planning to provide use hosted pagespeed, either using Apache or Nginx.

An alternative I was considering is moving from Rackspace to Cloud Kilat, but after 3 days of toiling, testing and migration of live site, the performance was not so good or need further investment or larger specification or servers, which wasn’t in my current plan.

Some problems identified

  1. The MySQL database performance was slower than Rackspace
  2. The connection quality from international server was slower (obiously) compared between international servers.
  3. The Kilat VM have some incompatibility with the search engine we use
  4. Cannot connect to amazon mail server

All the factors above contribute to the conclusion that using Cloud Kilat is making the performance worse than the current configuration located on international servers which theoritically should be slower. Although it might show different results if I use higher specification and more servers, but the configuration I used for testing were on the same range of the current spending. My plan is to move to local provider without increasing the cost too much.

But in my research and testing, I’ve found several candidate for optimizing by increasing the cost a little bit for handling the pagespeed depreciation and possibility of increasing performance.

  1. Using Rackspace CDN
  2. Using Nginx with pagespeed as origin server
  3. Moving the Search Engine to dedicated server